In 1996, the owner of Proget Line decided to use all his experience from working in the Plastic Moulds Manufacturing business to found a design services company. During a two-year period starting in the year 2000, Proget Line began working with a well known extractor hood company offering enineering and design services. Since then, the company has been adding different and diverse key clients to its portfolio. The company offers years of experience, discretion, and proven work methods for each and every project, serving companies in the plastic, automotive, domestic appliance, motorcycle, telecom, electronic, and electromechanical sectors.

Proget Line is a young and innovative company, able to serve its clients and their various needs in a timely, professional manner.
The Company works hand-in-hand with its clients so that the end result is always stellar.

Proget Line offers a wide range of services, from single, one-shot design services to a more all-encompassing collaborative service such as product industrialization, co-marketing, co-design, and co-production. Proget Line uses technology and constantly evolving innovation, investing in advanced 2D and 3D systems that allow the company to be a step ahead. The advantages of using state-of-the-art systems are reduction of design time, project development with an insurance of precision every time, and reduction of modification and adjustments during the various design phases.

We use specific software, such as:

  • Unigraphics with Modulo Mold Wizard (EDS);
  • Gbg (Think 3);
  • Thinkdesign with Kmold (Think 3).

    Proget Line s.r.l. makes it a priority to completely satisfy our clients, making service our number one priority. Our clients have told us time and again, that we are efficient, reliable and responsible in everything we do.

    Our services include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Product industrialization and design
  • 3D mathematical models
  • Constructive drawings
  • Mould construction consultation
  • Assistance with selection of mould suppliers.
  • Proget Line's strengths:

  • Years of experience and technical preparation
  • Use of industry-specific software
  • Reliability and discretion
  • Respect for deadlines.